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MAF 센서를 청소하였습니다. Mass Air Flow Sensor 는 유입되는 공기량을 측정하는 센서로써, 연료와의 혼합비를 결정하는 중요한 센서입니다. 

상태가 안 좋으면 연비도 안 좋아지고, 힘도 안 좋아지고 차체 떨림도 발생하게 됩니다. 


  1. airflow sensor cleaner

    꼭 MAF 전용 클리너를 사용해야 합니다. 용기 있는분 WD40 으로 도전해 보세요. 지옥을 보게 될 겁니다. 


  2. 십자 드라이버

작업 순서

  1. 십자 드라이버를 사용해서 MAF 센서를 분리합니다. 

제 MAF 센서인데, 촛점이 나가긴 했지만 그래도 시커멓게 때가 꼈다는 게 한눈에 보이죠?

2. 청소하기

  클리너를 5초정도 뿌려 줍니다. 잠시 마르기를 기다렸다가 다시 뿌려주기를 5번 정도 해 주면 아래와 같이 깨끗하게 청소 됩니다. 

3.  분해의 역순으로 조립하면 됩니다. .

청소후에는 확실히 힘이 좋아졌네요. 

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Hi everyone. 

I'm have a luxury sedan that model is a LS430. 

LS430 is very nice car to me. Very silence and smooth riding.

But LS430 have a one bad thing. It is a not support MP3, Bluetooth and AUX input.

So, Many owner are try to find that How to create the AUX or install the MP3 or Bluetooth.

Some vendors are recommended the one way. This way is install mp3 device on LS430. 

The mp3 device is such as Yatour and etc.

So, I was bough the Yatour and install to my LS430. But not Satisfied. Because this device not support the title and lyrics.

Anyway, a few month past, I'm try to find the solution for create the AUX on my LS430.

This time. I'm get a service manual for head-unit. model name is a Pioneer FX-MG9106ZT/EW.

The service manual are include the schematic of head-unit and description of pin's.

My JOB is a programmer and have a hardware skills.

Last week I'm try to modified the my head-unit and finally successfully create a AUX input using the Tape DECK audio path.

I'm expect to help for you by my post.

1. Introduce

  This head-unit are have a 3 audio path.

  First. Path of Tape Deck

  Second. Path of CD

  Third. Radio

  I'm choice the path of Tape DECK. Because I'm not use this media.

2. How to create aux

  It is very simple.

  Tape audio line and CD audio line are mixed in the NJM2068MD AMP IC.

  So, My goal is a cut the TAPE DECK audio path before the NJM2068MD.

  And connect the AUX audio path to this point.


  See below schematic.

  R341 is Left Channel of TAPE DECK

  R342 is Right Channel of TAPE DECK

    Step 1. You must de-soldering Left side(Tape deck, Right side is mixer) of R341, R342.

    Step 2. connect the AUX L,R into desolded R341 and R342.

    Step 3. connect the AUX ground into the common ground of head-unit.

    Step 4. Enjoy.

  Additional, You must insert the TAPE to deck. every time. 

  Because if not insert the TAPE to DECK. head-unit are not enable the TAPE deck. 

  If you want to without TAPE media, need a more step. But It is such a hassle for me.




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